Craft In Abyss Patch 20201006


  1. Change: Disable the function of selling materials

2. Features: Add difficulty “Easy”

3. Features: Add game mode “Classic”. Player can now obtain energy when building Electric Center, if he is playing game mode other than “Classic”.

4. Features: Cancel “Shield Amplifier” facility, Add “Energy-Saving Thermostation” facility with ability “-15% Electricity Consumption for all Facilities on the same baseplate”

5. Contents: 16 New H.O.P.E.s

6. Contents: Add 12 kinds of Technology

7. Enhance: Press “Z” to show enemy type and reward

8. Change: Add an animation before facility rotate, in order to slow down the facility’s rotating speed

9. Enhance: Show resources get in that stage after battle

10. Bug Fix: Facility icon wrong
11. Bug Fix: Extra Building Resources produced


  1. Features: Critical hit
  2. Features: Properties Filter Function
  3. Contents: New H.O.P.E.s

我們會第一時間把更新放上 Steam,因此只要玩 Steam 上面的版本,便可以確保是最更新的。




業餘遊戲公社 發起人|Discord:|Profile:

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畢子 Simon But the game designer

畢子 Simon But the game designer

業餘遊戲公社 發起人|Discord:|Profile:

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